PRObE Publication Policy

Version 1, Dated: 2013-02-01

The NMC has reporting requirements to the NSF for results and research conducted on PRObE. In order to ensure the most accurate publication records for our records, we require the assistance of all the PIs that are conducting experiments on PRObE, and have put up this publication policy in place.

As a researcher using the PRObE resource, you are agreeing to the following:

1. Acknowledgement

  • PRObE: Papers, publications, and web pages of any material, whether copyrighted or not, based on or developed under NMC-supported projects must acknowledge this support by including the following paragraph: "This material is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under awards CNS-1042537 and CNS-1042543 (PRObE)." and the following reference:
            title = {PRObE: A Thousand-Node Experimental Cluster for Computer Systems Research},
            author = {Garth Gibson and Gary Grider and Andree Jacobson and Wyatt Lloyd},
            journal = {USENIX ;login:},
            volume = {38},
            number = {3},
            year = {2013},
            month = {June},
    url = {},
  • }
  • Emulab: Any references to Emulab should cite this paper:
         title        = "An Integrated Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems and Networks",
         author       = "Brian White and Jay Lepreau and Leigh Stoller and Robert Ricci and Shashi Guruprasad
                         and Mac Newbold and Mike Hibler and Chad Barb and Abhijeet Joglekar",
         booktitle    = "Proceedings of the {USENIX} Symposium on Operating System Design and Implementation ({OSDI})",
         organization = "{USENIX}",
         year         = 2002,
         month        = dec,
         url          = {}"

2. Publication

All forms of publishing, including technical papers, grant proposals and reports, web page writeups and blogs, should cite support from PRObE if PRObE resources were requested on behalf of the project (even if PRObE experimental results were ultimately not included) or reused from a different PRObE approved project.

3. Notification

While appropriate citation of PRObE support is mandatory, it does not fulfill the PRObE publication obligation unless PRObE is provided with the appropriate web content, citations and URLs to be able to find and publish all PRObE supported publications. Failure to promptly and completely cite support and provide documentation of publication is unacceptable and can be expected to inhibit future use of PRObE resources.

3.1. Copyright issues

We understand that some work may be copyright protected. Copyrighted publications will not be published in full text on the publications webpage, but we reserve the right to publish a full bibliography entry for the publication for public record.